Yoni Steaming at Heart & Soul of Wellness, Murwillumbah

Also known as a Vaginal steam, a V-steam or pelvic hydrotherapy, Yoni steaming is an effective and relaxing way to promote female health and foster a deeper connection with your womb.
Yoni means sacred space or temple in Sanskrit and In Hindu culture is associated with the worshjp of the goddesss Shakti. It is a word that describes the female genitalia.

The Yoni Steam is a beautiful ancient tradition that has been practiced by women for centuries.

Using healing herbs and steam, women have always used this remedy to cleanse, heal, revitalise and soothe the vagina and reproductive system.  

Known in Central and South America as “bajos”, and in Korea as “chai-yok”, the vaginal steam is now gaining popularity in holistic practices, physical therapy centres, and spas as more and more women look for alternatives to surgery and find relief from common gynaecological issues. 

It is a wonderfully relaxing experience that relaxes your mind, body and soul. A yoni steam treats the entire system, not just the vagina.

It is a gentle grass roots practice that you can do at home to connect with your womb and improve your reproductive health.

Making this a self care ritual will give you the benefits of the beautiful herbs and the gentle healing warmth of steam. What have you got to lose.

Describing yoni steaming as the latest fad with no scientific evidence, naysayers claim that your vagina is naturally self-cleansing.

Both of these statements are true. The vagina is inherently self-cleaning and yoni steaming is not supposed to clean your vagina or vulva.

Apart from the physical benefits of steaming, a cleansing and energetic release may occur as held in or pent up emotions are gently relieved.

It is also that true that there has been little qualitative research into yoni steaming.

At this time the evidence isanec dotal as women share stories with each other on how steaming has helped them find relief from menstrual distress and many other common gynaecological issues.

Yoni steams bring healing warmth to the womb and to the pelvic floor, increasing circulation and energy flow to the pelvis.

This simple practice restores moisture, vitality and integrity to the vaginal tissues that are very porous and absorbent. The warm herbal steam alleviates symptoms caused by, or related to, congestion in these tissues — increasing oxygenation, dilation of blood vessels, and a relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles that tend to cramp or spasm before or during menstruation. In each session an individual blend of herbs will be created to fit your personal needs. The dried organic herbs are selected for their medicinal properties. To cleanse, tone, nourish and heal the tissues as well as relax the muscles The heat warms and nourishes the inside of the womb and encourages the release of waste and old impacted endometrial lining. This may not be obvious at the time of steaming but may be evident when your next period comes and it may be heavier and contain thick blood, clots or residue.

This pleasant and relaxing steam bath can help manage PMS symptoms, uterine cramping, fertility, foster post-natal healing; and ease peri and post-menopausal distress. It can be helpful to heal emotional trauma, and release negative energy from past relationships.

At Heart and Soul of Wellness you’ll be welcomed into the beautiful Womb Room dedicated to this ancient women’s medicine.

You will be cleansed with copal and taught some simple womb healing techniques that you can practice at home.  Your yoni steam mentor will do an individual consultation with you to discuss your specific concerns, analyse your menstrual cycle and determine the mix of herbs needed for your steam session. 

You will then undress from the waist down, wrap yourself up in a robe or blanket to keep you warm and keep the steam in.

Your mentor will check the temperature of the steam for you.

She will bring you tea and offer you some music or a meditation to listen to.

Once you are cosy and comfortable it is time to relax and savour the effects of the warm steam and aroma of the herbs. Your session will usually be about 10 – 20 minutes long.

You might feel relaxed or sleepy. You might be energised.

You might notice increased discharge over the next few days and changes in your next period may occur such as increased discharge, heavier bleeding or clots. This is a good sign that your womb is cleansing.

It is important to increase your fluid intake after your steam to avoid getting a headache.

Some say it’s like hovering over a humidifier, or steaming your face during a facial.

As you sit on the steam box, you will feel the sensations of pleasant warmth as the steam travels gently upwards into the body.

You might like to sip on a cup of tea, listen to a womb meditation, set new intentions or do sweet nothing during your steam session. We recommend turning your phone off.

Your mentor will quietly check in with you over the duration of the session, monitoring the steam temperature to ensure your comfort.

For most it is relaxing pleasant experience. It is important to stay warm after your steam and we advise not doing your session in the midst of a busy day. Rather schedule it so you can go home and rest afterwards.

Women at every age and stage of life from menarche, postpartum to post menopause.

Whether you have a uterus or not.

The herbs used are chosen for their healing gifts: their powerful anti septic and anti -bacterial properties to address infection, their antispasmodic properties to ease cramps as well as their aromatherapy benefits to lift the spirits, provide protection and soothe stress.

These herbal allies include rose petals, lavender, oregano, motherwort, mugwort, calendula, mint, nettles, and chamomile to name a few.

  • Creates deep relaxation and reduces stress and tension
  • Helps release emotional trauma
  • Balances the root chakra
  • Boosts immune system and prevents infections

It is good for:

  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Cramping
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Eases fatigue, headaches, abdominal discomfort and nausea
  • Endometriosis, PCOS  & uterine fibroids
  • Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse
  • Vaginismus
  • Prepares the nest.
  • Clears cervical fluids
  • Helps relax the vaginal canal and cervix
  • Nourishes and tonifies the uterine lining
  • Brings nourishing heat to the womb
  • Clears out the lochia
  • Tones the vagina and closes the cervix after birth.
  • Strengthens the womb.
  • Reduces scarring from childbirth, such as episiotomy, 
vaginal tear, or caesarean birth.

Improves circulation, re vitalizes vaginal tissue and helps with vaginal dryness.

Take time to reflect and create the life you love.

This is your time to shine !!

A loving nurturing ritual to connect with your femininity and inner wise woman.

Create new intentions and bring about positive changes for mind, body and spirit.

  • You are menstruating
  • You are pregnant or think you might be
  • You have two periods per month or spotting in between
  • After ovulation (if you are wishing to conceive)
  • If you have an infection
  • If you have open blister or sores