Yoni Steaming Secret Womens Business

Next event date:  Saturday 15 May 2021
Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm
Location: 49 Commercial Road, Murwillumbah

This workshop is suitable for women at all stages of life who are curious about the benefits of Yoni Steaming and who wish to regain or enhance their reproductive health.

Practiced around the world and otherwise known as Vaginal steaming, this ancient grass roots remedy cleanses the vagina and uterus, helps regulate the menstrual cycle and eases period pain. And so many other benefits that you will discover.

In this fun filled afternoon we will look at the anatomy and physiology of your reproductive system as well as looking at underlying emotional causes of illness. It is a time to focus on your reproductive health challenges. Or you may simply wish to connect with the wisdom of your body and listen to your amazing womb.

You will have the opportunity to try yoni steaming for yourself, learn about the herbs best for you and how to create your own yoni steam set up at home.