Womb Medicine Journal

Your Womb Medicine Journal is a unique blend of a diary, journal, and menstrual tracker. The perpetual calendar offers an opportunity to tune into your mind, womb, and your cycle.

Record your thoughts and feelings as well as your ideas, dreams, visions and intentions for the month to come. Track your menstrual cycle, and observe your physical and emotional changes, ponder your moods, energy levels, productivity and food cravings, and then look back and notice how these patterns may repeat themselves as you ebb and flow as a woman.

Observe the phases of the moon and its effects and recognise and honour both your cyclical nature and your connection with the Earth Mother.  Start at Day 1, Week 1, or start at any time. There are no dates to limit your journey.

Written by Sali McIntyre

296 pages

Dimensions: 148 mm x 210 mm