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Tracey Jarrett
Tracey Jarrett
Tracey Jarett is a Nature and Forest Therapy Guide who is the founder of Three Little Birds Nature Therapy.
Tracey lives surrounded by lush rainforest in Urliup Murwillumbah NSW and is a teacher, writer, artist, spiritualist, musician and healer who specialises in Women's Groups.
Tracey has been hearing the call to guide and support with understanding, the clearing and releasing of old patterns and blockages, freeing Women through energy connections to body and earth, to reconnect with feminine energy so that we may gather and reflect, to live a life with sacred meaning, harmony and joy.
Connect with Tracey in a sacred safe space to integrate her wisdom so she can provide the tools for you to heal your soul whilst remaining anchored to earth. ,br>Tracey will guide you on a soulful journey through her integrated and transformational workshops to live a life of completeness and purpose.