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Sahara Valastro
Sahara Valastro
Sahara is a certified Naturopath and Womb Wellness practitioner. She is passionate about guiding women to reconnect with their wombs, work with their cycles, and heal their health symptoms. 
  Sahara had experienced many years of women’s health issues until she learned how to heal herself. She has lived in Indonesia and Mexico where she learned traditional women’s practices which she now integrates into her Naturopathic consultations.
  Sahara’s consultations include Naturopathic assessment, Womb Connection, Menstruation Cycle evaluation and education, Traditional Healing methods such as Yoni steaming, Herbal Teas and Tonics, Food As Medicine, and Women's Wellness practices .
  Sahara works with women who experience PMS, period pain, irregular cycles, Endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, stress, and anxiety. She supports preconception care, pregnancies, and postpartum overwhelm and healing.
  Sahara believes it is vital for a woman to heal and connect with her womb as it is her source of power, magic and healing. She knows working with the menstruation cycle creates more flow in a woman's life; and ultimately the feminine is incredibly intuitive and healing when she is aligned with her power.  
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