Our Practitioners

Nathan Dick
Nathan Dick
Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Gestalt Therapist
Nathan is a counsellor and Gestalt therapist. He is in the final months of attaining his Masters in Psychotherapy.

He can work with all individuals, and his areas of particular interest are: complex trauma, attachment parenting, neuroscience and working with people from marginalised groups.

Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy or counselling. It is a gentle, non-judgemental, relational approach which explores what is, in the here and now. We are interested in the past and how it is impacting on your present experience.

Gestalt therapy training requires a practitioner to have done their own work, as a client in therapy, over a long period of time. This allows therapists to learn about themselves, work through their own traumas and understand their relationships and enrich their own experience of life.

Throughout the training, over four years, Gestalt therapists provide closely-supervised counselling to others and continue to receive supervision with an expert clinician, to ensure they provide the best care for clients.
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