Our Practitioners

Lu Cork
Lu Cork
I have over 20 years experience in the massage, health and healing industries.
I combine my medical knowledge as a registered nurse with a variety of body and energy-work techniques to assist you to achieve musculoskeletal balance, relieve pain, experience deep relaxation and body awareness.
I love to work with people with a range of complex health needs and conditions and have a passion for working with our elderly population. I have an intuitive and wholistic approach to massage and create individualized treatments that call upon my skills with : Remedial and sports massage, Myofascial cupping, Reiki, Reflexology, Hot stone massage, FET, Oriental and Sweedish massage techniques.
I also offer stand alone Reiki treatments and Facial Emotional Therapy (FET).,br>   Facial Emotional Therapy (FET) is a gentle, non invasive treatment designed to work in sync with the meridian and nervous systems to clear stress and emotional blockages and to allow relaxation, clarity of mind, peace and rejuvenation to take place. It merges techniques from kinesiology, physiotherapy, brain gym, facial harmony, energy healing, massage and reflexology. FET is a profoundly nurturing and blissful treatment.  
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