Our Practitioners

Kate Slaymaker
Kate Slaymaker
Psychology degree
Kate believes everyone gets to live a life they love by walking their own unique path.  She believes each individual has a unique soul purpose to embody in this lifetime and is committed to connecting you to your essence and power. Feel liberated, happy, healthy, and in love with each day. 
Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of 29, and suffering complex PTSD from childhood, Kate knows how challenging it can be to embody a love for life. Turning to eastern roots, holistic therapy, yogic philosophy and chinese medicine Kate facilitated her own healing and wishes to share this wisdom back with the world. 
Having had a corporate job as a marketing researcher for a decade and gone down the western medical route to cure here Disease Kate know first hand how tricky it can be to walk in both worlds and is here to tell you it is possible 
Kate works with people who are longing for more. Those who have suffered chronic illness, depression/anxiety, eating disorders, complex trauma and feminine wounding. People who hear the whispers of their soul and are committed to listening. People who are looking to walk the middle path, being the bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. 
Kate’s offerings include:
●Yin Yoga (to downregulate the nervous system)
● Conscious Connective and Shamanic Breathwork (to connect with your innate wisdom, move past trauma from this life or another and reclaim parts of your soul)
● Soul Purpose Activations and Energy Healing (to heal and receive codes this physical body needs)
● Private 1:1 coaching containers where she weaves all of this together to guide you back home

 Reach out on Instagram or via the phone to find out more (website is being rebuilt)