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Gillian Taylor
Gillian Taylor
Sound Healer
Gillian Taylor is a Sound Healing Practitioner in Murwillumbah.
Sound Healing is unique among healing modalities as we can feel its affects through the vibrations it creates in our bodies, as well as helping to balance the subtle energy fields.  Sound Healing is the use of sound vibrations for therapeutic benefit.
Nourishing the nervous system, releasing old thought patterns, emotional blocks, as well as physical and mental tension. The vibrational healing tones resonate within every cell of the body, allowing them to re-align, bringing body and mind back to balance.
There are 7 clear quartz crystal healing bowls. Each bowl is made from 99% clear quartz from Nepal and attuned to a particular energy centre (chakra) in the body. Each bowl is also attuned to a musical note.
Come join Gillian for a meridian activation and complete body scan meditation before receiving the magical frequencies and vibrations from the bowls. Monthly sessions at Heart & Soul of Wellness.