Our Practitioners

Vanessa Baker
Vanessa Baker
Once we comprehend that life is happening for us, as opposed to, to us, we are able to perceive and respond to life with such a different perspective and frequency.
Vanessa's interest and passion to re-connect people to not only their bodies, but their mind/body/soul alignment, is the foundation of her teachings in her classes. Her infectious enthusiasm for the teaching and practicing of Yoga runs through each practice.
Homeostasis is the ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state that persists despite the outside world. Now more than ever the theme of balance within and reconnection to self is crucial to our wellbeing and available to all who make this discovery.
Vanessa draws inspiration from her experience as a Bikram and Hatha Yoga Instructor for over a decade, also a facilitator of Yin Yoga, which compliment each other and give light to powerful healing opportunities.Through Meridian and Chakra awareness, deep meditative focus for her classes facilitate alignment, a deep state of softening, allowing and release, to cultivate powerful mind-body health.
Teaching is something I embody with the full spectrum of my heart.