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Deb Hodge
Deb Hodge
Diploma Dru Yoga
Deb first taught yoga in 1992, after she studied to be a Hatha Yoga Teacher, with Rosalie Kershaw, then in 2003 graduated with a Diploma in Dru Yoga. Her love of nature and of gardening inspire her to make her classes with a strong connection to your spirit, grounding and empowering.

Dru Yoga is from Mahatma Gandhi’s teaching, it is a form of yoga where they have a motto “no pain, no pain”.

It is based on the North Star, in the Northern Hemisphere, a star that does not move. Where Vedic legend believes the enlightened being Druvam, chose to be, to constantly shine a light down on the Earth, for Peace and Stillness to fill our hearts, minds, and lives.

There is a subtle gentleness to the movements, always involving your breath to move energy through your body, allowing any dis ease to be released from the joints, before it travels and sits in the muscles and organs, where it can cause disease.

Often people call it the Yoga of the Heart. Deb finds it to be a place of comfort and calm in an ever changing and stressful environment, our modern life.
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