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Ann-Marie Ungeheuer
Anne-Marie Ungeheuer
Anne-Marie was born in Germany, raised in Norway,and has lived in Australia for the past two years. So a bit of a nomad who loves to live and learn through new cultures. Plus the additional bonus of finding benefits in these cultures in which she can add to her practices.
Ann-Marie's background is in hospitality and animal care. She has always been passionate about helping others. During her travels she started practicing Ayurveda and Yoga. This led to the realisation that there are a lot of lonely women out there that lack a safe and supportive community.
This caused a pivot in Ann-Marie's journey and she started educating and empowering women about health and wellness through the online holistic health hub called The Healthstyle Emporium.
Ann-Marie feels blessed to be able to lead women circles in Murwillumbah on the last Sunday of each month. She hopes to see you there. From Ann-Marie's heart to yours - namaste