Justyna has always worked with and had an interest in helping people achieve health, happiness and positive transformation in their lives. She commenced her career as a Psychologist in 1998 and over the years has worked with a range of corporations and executives in Australia. However, her deeply intuitive nature took her on a new path when she started to gain exposure to a range of spiritual teachers and natural therapy practitioners. This opened up Justyna’s ability to work with people at a deeper level.

In 2010, Justyna completed a Diploma of Energetic Healing which developed her ability to apply a range of therapies and practices such as Reiki, vibrational remedies and meditation. Justyna is broadening her knowledge by recently completing a Zen Thai Shiatsu course. This has developed her understanding of anatomy, Chinese medicine and the link between the energetic and physical body.

Justyna is passionate about applying the practices she has learnt in her own personal life to empower her clients to achieve their full potential on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.  She applies traditional counselling and psychology techniques and may combine these with natural therapies where appropriate. This helps clients to effectively navigate their way through challenging periods in their life, to deal with stress, resolve emotional issues or to guide them to achieve their full potential. Justyna’s approach is to ‘tune in’ to the needs of each client and to create a safe space to allow healing to occur.

Treatments can help with:

  • Releasing blockages on an emotional and physical level
  • Managing chronic pain and illness
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Resolving trauma
  • Improving sleep and relaxation
  • Bringing a sense of stillness and presence into your life
  • Gaining clarity about life purpose
  • Clearing childhood and past life issues


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Graduate Diploma in Science (Psychology)

Clinical Certification in Resource Therapy
Diploma in Energetic Healing
Reiki Master
Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist
Registered Psychologist (PSY0001349065)