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Sun 21 July 2024


2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Rest Medicine – Mini Retreat

How would you like to complete your weekend with a  Mini Rest retreat?

Slow Down SundayCome rest with me.


Relearn how to deeply rest and break the cycle of constant “doing” that leads to burn out and exhaustion .

So many healing benefits : 

  • Resolve sleep issues 
  • Boost immunity 
  • Calm anxiety
  • Balance hormones 
  • Feel rested 
  • Reduce stress levels 
  • Heighten your creativity 
  • Return to more clarity and focus

This nurturing practice peels back layers of tension releasing anxiety and stress. 

Create a inner peace within with Restorative yoga. 

We allow our bodies to be supported by bolsters (pillows) and blankets so we can let go of muscular tension and stress we carry in our bodies . Inviting a sense of relaxation and ease