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Sat 16 December 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Prepare Your Partner for Birth

This is a Birth Education class for couples that will teach your partner:

• How valuable their physical and emotional support is.
• How to replace Fear with Confidence in the normal physiological process of Birth
• How to recognize and trust your instincts as the birthing mama and be your best advocate
• Techniques to support you during labour.
• Birth anatomy and how your baby moves through the pelvis in order to be born.
• Normal physiology of Birth and how to make more room for baby.
• Maternal positions that help labour progress.
• Breathing Techniques, Acupressure points, Massage and how to use the Rebozo during Labour.
• How to minimize the Cascade of Interventions
• Pain relief options. Both natural and pharmaceutical.
• Importance of Nutrition/ Hydration during labour/skin to skin contact when baby is born. Life with a newborn
• Discusses the postpartum period and the need to rest and recover/establish Breastfeeding.
• Relationship after baby.

COST: $150 per couple

Please bring a plate to share