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Thu 30 March 2023 - Tue 04 April 2023

5 Day Advanced Soul Initiation Retreat

This intensive 5 day residential workshop is a journey into uncovering more of your unique potential and authentic self, through self-expression and specific Soul Voice® techniques. Every aspect of your being will be stirred and transformed to allow a deep surrender in order for your innate power and wisdom to manifest and shine!

Through the strong group energy, you will be guided into very high frequencies and experience quantum leaps, transformations and initiations. Each participant’s individual path and unique voice qualities are strongly supported and further developed in a practical and grounded way.

The magic power of Soul Voice® sounding will guide you into further mastery & understanding of your life and life patterns.

The intention of this workshop is to:

* Liberate your voice to become an instrument for your highest potentials.

* Learn scanning techniques and inner listening in order to trust your own soundscapes and sound healing abilities.

* Experience the combined effectiveness of colour & sound.

* Open to Whale Medicine and sound language to further clear ancestral patterns.

* Access a bigger spectrum of your authentic self-expression; eliminate fear and let your playful child soar!

* Let sound wisdom guide you into deep inner listening to receive guidance and clarity to manifest your goals.

* Awaken telepathic sound healing; and celebrate all of your various ‘initiations’.

* Allow Soul Voice® to teach you to heal emotional wounds, imbalances, limited beliefs and permeate to your core.


It is a requirement that you have completed the 2 day Soul Voice® workshop before attending the 5 day ASI.

The 5 day ASI retreat is prerequisite for participating in the Soul Voice® Practitioner Certification Program (PCP).

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